Manningtree High School Buses From Panther Travel

We are pleased to advise you that Panther Travel Ltd are able to offer bus services to Manningtree High School from the following locations for the Autumn Term 2020.

Bus Route 1

Harwich, Dovercourt, Ramsey, Wrabness, Bradfield, Mistley Heath, Mistley

Bus Route 2

Colchester Waitrose, Greenstead, Parsons Heath, Welshwood Park, Langham, Dedham, Bargate Lane (A137)

Bus Route 3

Dovercourt Fronks Road, Mayes Lane, Little Oakley, Great Oakley, Wix, Little Bentley Bricklayers, Back Lane East, Court House PH, Great Bromley Primary School, Little Bromley Post Office,

More Information

Timetables effective from 7th September.

All term prices will be £300 per term regardless of distance. If we do not get another lock down and the parents pay the full amount for all three terms then the third term will be £200. If the whole school has to close then we will offer the parents a refund pro rata for the amount of days not used.  If it turns out the school is still open even if it is only for one year group a day then no refund will be given.  Also any refunds given will mean the third term will be charged at £300. This money will need to be paid up front by cheque which can be sent to 11 Browning Road, Brantham, Manningtree, CO11 1QX, cash to our office in Harwich or bank transfer.   Once payment is received you will be issued with a term pass.  We will need a head and shoulders photo to go on the pass and will need to keep your details on file so will require a data protection form also available on our website to be completed and returned to us.  We will not be accepting daily passengers and unfortunately cannot set up direct debits, standing orders or monthly payments.

All children will have to show the driver their valid bus passes and they will not be allowed to board without one.  This is in line with Essex County Council’s Policy, no pass, no ride. Replacement passes can be obtained from our office at a price of £7.50.

We will guarantee the routes/seats we operate for the Autumn term but if we have a drop in expected numbers we will notify parents the end of November/early December that a particular route will not operate to give them time to look at other options.

We are trying to be as fair as possible and I understand this will be a lot of money for parents to find but this is also a big financial risk for us.

On contracted, dedicated home to school buses, the latest guidelines are that social distancing doesn’t apply but where possible children should sit in their year groups. All Children over the age of 11 need to wear a face covering. All of our buses are thoroughly cleaned daily.

Please contact our office if you require further information on 01255 554974.