Panther Travel in partnership with 24×7 Group

24x7 Group

Getting children to Manningtree High School

The guidance for ‘Dedicated School Transport’ does not require social distancing for students. This means that we will generally be running our normal services and vehicle capacity on our dedicated Manningtree School Buses.

Year groups will return in the following order

  • Wednesday 2nd September, year 7 and year 10
  • Thursday 3rd September, year 7, year 9 and year 10
  • Friday 4th September, All year groups

Bus Passes

Bus passes will need to be shown to the driver when boarding the bus in the morning and in the afternoon at school. The bus pass must be shown to a company official in the event of an inspection. If you have not received your bus pass from 24×7 or Panther Travel you will need to show your letter from Essex County Council. Only bus passes will be accepted for travel from w/c 21st September.

Boarding a Bus

It is important that you arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time (timetable can be found on the Panther Travel website). Please wait and queue in an organised manner adhering to social distancing. Before boarding a vehicle please ensure that you have washed or sanitised your hands and please board one passenger at a time. As far as logistically possible, we will group children together on vehicles to reflect school year group bubbles, however on some journeys this may not be possible. Vehicles will be colour coded inside so please go to your seating area once you enter the vehicle.

Year group bubble colour code

  • Year 7 – Yellow
  • Year 8 – Orange
  • Year 9 – Green
  • Year 10 – Blue
  • Year 11 – Red

Face Coverings

Face coverings are now compulsory on Dedicated School Transport so please wear one unless you are exempt. Please wear your face covering properly in line with government guidelines.


Behaving responsibly whilst travelling on school buses is of paramount importance in the current climate. It is imperative that all students observe the conduct expectations set out by Panther Travel, particularly regarding the seating areas assigned to specific year groups. Please remain seated at all times whilst on the bus.

Incidents on school transport will be dealt with in liaison with the school, Panther Travel and 24×7 and could include a verbal reprimand, a letter to parents, a fixed term ban or a permanent ban from school transport. We understand that students will be cautious about returning to and using school transport again. All of us at Panther Travel will do our utmost to ensure that students feel safe.

We ask for your help

  1. Remain seated, in your seat at all times and in your year bubble where possible
  2. Respect your space and others around you
  3. Do not distract the driver and respect their personal space
  4. Try to keep touch points down to a minimum
  5. Keep your bus pass safe and do not pass it or anything else to another student. Try to stay in control of your belongings
  6. No food or drink to be consumed on the vehicles
  7. Please make sure that when you leave the vehicle you take all your belongings, rubbish and any used face coverings with you. Do not leave any items on the bus

We know that you are entering a different environment to the one you remember but we cannot stress enough that these changes will only work if we all adhere to the new guidelines.

Disembarking a Bus

When the vehicle arrives at the school, it will drop passengers off inside the dedicated coach park. We ask that you remain seated until this point.

Double deck buses – Students from the bottom deck will depart first from the front followed by passengers on the top deck again from the front first.

Single deck buses – Students to depart the vehicle from the front first.

Please do not push, be patient and respectful to all students and maintain a safe distance from other passengers.

End of the School Day

Your dedicated school buses will be parked in the coach park. Please walk straight to your bus number (route numbers will be shown at the front of the vehicles). Please wash/sanitise your hands before boarding, put on your face covering and show the driver your bus pass. Please find a seat in your bubble area. The vehicles should depart around 15:10.


In accordance with current guidelines, all our vehicles are disinfected/cleaned daily. If any vehicle is used on another route during the day, then it will be cleaned before children board the vehicle.

Anyone with Symptoms in your Household

Please do not travel if you or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19.


We would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this and ask for you continued support of these measures that have been put in place.

Thank you from the team at Panther Travel and 24×7