* All of our bus services are running on time. *
13th July. The 2 Clacton-Mistley service will be unable to serve Little Bromley between 0830 and 1730 due to the road being closed for The Tendring Hundred Show.


Harwich – Colchester

Monday – Saturday (Excluding Bank Holidays)

Harwich Bus Station07120915111514151500
Dovercourt, High Street07150918111814181503
Dovercourt, Adj Hospital07200922112214221507
Dovercourt, Tollgate07240925112514251510
Ramsey, Mayes Lane / Ramsey Road07270928112814281513
Little Oakley, Mayes Lane / Oakley Road0730093011301430
Little Oakley, Cherry Tree0732093211321432
Great Oakley, Memorial0737093711371437
Wix, Village Hall0744094211421442
Great Bromley, Opp The Old Court House0753095111511451
Elmstead Market, Budgens0756095511551455
University of Essex, Opp South Courts0803100112011501
The Hythe, o/s Tescos0809100712071507
East Gates0812101012101510
Colchester, Bus Station0819101512151515
Colchester, Norman Way Schools0830

Monday – Saturday (Excluding Bank Holidays)

Colchester, Norman Way Schools1555
Colchester, Bus Station114513151415—-1645
Colchester, Head Street
Colchester High Street11531323142316081653
East Gates11571327142716131658
The Hythe, Opp Tescos12001330143016171702
University of Essex, Adj South Courts12061336143616241709
Elmstead Market, Opp Budgens12121342144216321717
Great Bromley, o/s The Old Court House12161346144616361721
Wix, opp Village Hall12251355145516451730
Great Oakley, Memorial12301400150016501735
Little Oakley, Cherry Tree12351405150516551740
Little Oakley, Mayes Lane / Oakley Road12371407150716571742
Ramsey, Church083212401410151017001745
Dovercourt, Tollgate083512431413151317031748
Dovercourt, Opp Hospital0838124614161516155317061751
Dovercourt, High Street0842125014201520155717101755
Harwich Bus Station0845125314231523160017131758


SDO – School days only
NSDO – Non school days and Saturdays only
Concession passes valid after 9am Monday-Friday and all day Saturday

Service 80 / 80A

Colchester > Boxted > Dedham


Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday (Excl Bank Holidays). Revised timetable commencing 31st October 2016.

Colchester, Osborne St (Bus Stn)0835104212451510
Colchester, Head Street08380838104512481513
Colchester, North Station Layby08420842104912521517
Colchester, o/s General Hospital10531256
Mile End, Dog & Pheasant PH08490849105612591521
Boxted, Opp Langham Road08520852105913021524
Boxted, o/s Cross Inn08550855110213051527
Boxted, adj Cooks Hill08570857110413071529
Dedham Gun Hill1313
Stratford St Mary Church1317
Dedham, Marlborough Head1319
Dedham, Lamb Corner1652
Dedham Heath, The Heath1655
Dedham, Marlborough Head1700
Stratford St Mary Church1702
Dedham Gun Hill1706
Boxted, opp Cooks Hill09001105153115311712
Boxted, opp Cross Inn09021107153315331714
Boxted, adj Langham Road09061111153715371718
Mile End, Opp Dog & Pheasant PH09091114154015401721
Colchester, o/s General Hospital09131118
Colchester, North Station Layby09171121154415441726
Colchester, High Street092111251547**15481730
Colchester, Osborne St (Bus Stn)0925112915521734
Colchester, Norman Way Schools1556


** timed at North Station Road then via Balkerne Hill non stop to Norman Way Schools
Sch = Operates on School Days ONLY. Nsch = Operates on Non School Days ONLY.

Service 81 / 81A

Colchester > Langham > Dedham > Manningtree Station


Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday Exc Bank Holidays. Effective Date: 31st October 2016.

Monday – Saturday818181A81A81A818181A81A81A81A81A81A81A
(Excluding Bank Holidays)M-FM-FSchNon schSchNon schM-FSatM-FM-F
Colchester, Norman Way Schools1600
Colchester, Osborne Street09301135124514001613161317401740
Colchester, Head Street09331138124814031616161617441744
Colchester, North Station layby09371142125214071620162017491749
Colchester, O/S General Hospital09401145125514101623162317531753
Langham, Runkins Cnr09461151Operates via Boxted as service 8014161629162917591759
Langham, Shepherd & Dog0950115514201633163318031803
Langham, St Margarets Cross0953115814231636163618061806
Dedham, Lamb Cnr062506560957120214271640164018101810
Dedham, The Heath16431643
Dedham, Marlborough Head062806591206131916481648
Dedham Heath, The Heath0631070212111324
Lawford Place06390710
Manningtree, Rail Stn0642071318401920
Lawford Place18431923
Dedham, Lamb Cnr0728*0728*16521652
Dedham Heath, The Heath0731073110001430165516551813181318511931
Dedham, Marlborough Head0735073510051435170017001818181818561936
Dedham, Lamb Cnr073907391009121413271439Operates as 80A to ColchesterOperates as 80A to Colchester1822**18221900**1940
Langham, St Margarets Cross07430743101312181331144318261944
Langham, Shepherd & Dog074707471016122113341446M/tree1829M/tree1947
Langham, Runkins Cnr075207521021122613391451@ 18351834@ 19131952
Colchester, General Hospital o/s08040804102712321345145618391957
Colchester, North Station layby0809080910301235134814591726172618422000
Colchester, High Street0814081410341239135215031730173018462004
Colchester, Osborne Street0817081710381243135615071734173418502008
Colchester, Norman Way Schools0827


* Starting point at Dedham, Long Road West.

** Continues non stop to Manningtree Station – passengers may not be set down between Lamb Corner and Manningtree Station.

Shown for illustration purposes. It is registered on the 80/80A service.

@ Arrival at Manningtree Rail Station.

Service 118

Parkeston > Harwich > Dovercourt > Ramsey

Monday to Friday (School Days Only). Effective Date: 11th April 2016.

Service No:118
Parkeston, Station Road / Una Road0751
Parkeston, Morrisons Store0754
Harwich Bus Station0800
Dovercourt, High Street0805
Upper Dovercourt, Fryatt Hospital0809
Upper Dovercourt, Hall Lane0811
Upper Dovercourt, Tollgate Post Office0816
Ramsey Wix Road, Old School0823
Ramsey Castle0828
Ramsey, Church Hill0832
Service No:118
Ramsey, Church Hill1515
Ramsey Wix Road, Old School1518
Ramsey Castle1521
Upper Dovercourt, Tollgate Post Office1524
Upper Dovercourt, Hall Lane1529
Upper Dovercourt, Fryatt Hospital1531
Dovercourt, High Street1535
Harwich Bus Station1540
Parkeston, Morrisons Store1546
Parkeston, Station Road / Una Road1549
Doverourt Main Road, Opp Hospital1553


SCH – Operates on School Days Only.

Service 2

Harwich Town

Days of operation: Mondays to Saturdays excluding Bank Holidays.

CodeSatM-FM-FSatSat & NSch
Harwich, Bus Station090510051105120513051405140515051605
Dovercourt, High Street090810081108120813081408140815081608
Fronks Road, The Drive091210121112121213121412141215121612
Upper Dovercourt, Low Road091410141114121413141414141415141614
Upper Dovercourt, Warham Road091710171117121713171417141715171617
Dovercourt Hospital092110211121122113211421142115211621
Vineway Estate, Deepdale Road092410241124122413241424142415241624
Parkeston, Gateway Retail Park092710271127122713271427142715271627
Parkeson, Interantional Station0830093010301130123013301430143015301630
Parkeston, Una Road08320932103211321232133214321432143215321632
Parkeston, Morrisons083509351035113512351335143514351535
Vineway Estate, Deepdale Road083809381038113812381338143814381538
Dovercourt Hospital084009401040114012401340144014401540
Upper Dovercourt, Warham Road084509451045114512451345144514451545
Upper Dovercourt, Low Road084809481048114812481348144814481548
Fronks Road, The Drive085009501050115012501350145014501550
Dovercourt, High Street085409541054115412541354145414541554
Harwich, Bus Station085709571057115712571357145714571557


Code:- M-F – Monday-Fridays only Sat – Saturdays only NSch – Not School days SDO – School Days Only
Funded by :- ECC – Essex County Council PT – Panther Travel PT* – Panther Travel operated on Non School Days only
Concession passes valid after 9am Monday to Friday and all day on Saturdays

Service 2


Clacton – Mistley via Little Clacton, Weeley, Little Bromley, Manningtree – 2
Clacton – Mistley via Little Clacton, Weeley, Horsley Cross, Bradfield – 2A

Monday – Saturday (except Public Holidays)

Service number2A2222A2
CLACTON, Pier Avenue (depart)062508301055130015251735
Clacton Rail Station062708321057130215271737
Valley Road, The Range063208371102130715321742
Clacton Shopping Village063908441109131415391749
Little Clacton, Morrisons064108461111131615411751
Little Clacton, Blacksmiths Arms064508501115132015451755
Weeley, The Street065108561121132615511801
Tendring Heath, Hall Lane065809031128133315581808
Little Bentley, Bricklayers Arms—–090811331338—–1813
Little Bromley, Post Office—–091811431348—–1823
Lawford Place—–092111461351—–1826
Manningtree, Rail Station—–092511501355—–1830
Manningtree, High School—–093011551400—–1835
Mistley, Church—–093311581403—–1838
Horsley Cross, Cross Inn0702—–—–—–1602—–
Mistley, Heath0710—–—–—–1610—–
MISTLEY, Rigby Avenue (arrive)071309351200140516131840

Mistley – Clacton via Manningtree, Little Bromley, Weeley, Little Clacton – 2
Mistley – Clacton via Bradfield, Horsley Cross, Weeley, Little Clacton – 2A

Monday – Saturday (except Public Holidays)

Service number222A222
MISTLEY, Rigby Avenue (depart)071509401202141016151845
Mistley, Heath—–—–1205—–—–—–
Horsley Cross, Cross Inn—–—–1213—–—–—–
Mistley, Church07180943—–141316181848
Manningtree, High School07210946—–141616211851
Manningtree, Rail Station07260951—–142116261856
Lawford Place07300955—–142516301900
Little Bromley, Post Office07340959—–142916341904
Little Bentley, Bricklayers Arms07441009—–143916441914
Tendring Heath, Hall Lane074810131218144316481918
Weeley, The Street075510201225145016551925
Little Clacton, Blacksmiths Arms080110261231145617011931
Little Clacton, Morrisons080410291234145917041934
Clacton Shopping Village080710321237150217071937
Valley Road, The Range081410391244150717141944
Clacton Rail Station081810431248151117181948
CLACTON, Pier Avenue (arrive)082010451250151517201950

Through tickets are available on these services highlighted in yellow from Little Bentley, Little Bromley, Manningtree and Mistley


Operated on behalf of Essex County Council
Concession passes are vaild after 9am Monday – Friday and all day Saturday

Service 14

Harwich – Clacton

Harwich – Clacton via Lt/Gt Oakley, Thorpe, Lt Clacton
Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays)

HARWICH, Bus Station0925
Dovercourt, High Street0928
Dovercourt, Hospital O/S0932
Dovercourt, Tollgate0935
Mayes Lane, Ramsey Road0938
Little Oakley, Cherry Tree0942
Great Oakley, Memorial0947
Beaumont Oak0950
Thorpe-le-Soken, Memorial0954
Thorpe-le-Soken Station O/S0956
Little Clacton, Blacksmiths Arms1001
Clacton Factory Shopping Village1006103512431505
Burrs Road, Cemetary1010103912471509
Valley Road, The Range1012104112491511
Clacton, Rail Station1016104512531515
CLACTON, Pier Avenue1018104712551519

Clacton – Harwich via Lt Clacton, Thorpe, Lt/Gt Oakley
Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays)

CLACTON, Pier Avenue1020105012551520
Clacton, Rail Station1023105312581523
Valley Road, The Range1027105713021527
Burrs Road, Cemetary1030110013051530
Clacton Factory Shopping Village1034110413091534
Little Clacton, Blacksmiths Arms1539
Thorpe-le-Soken Station1544
Thorpe-le-Soken Memorial1546
Beaumont Oak1550
Great Oakley, Memorial1553
Little Oakley, Cherry Tree1558
Mayes Lane, Ramsey Road1602
Dovercourt, Tollgate1605
Dovercourt, Hospital1608
Dovercourt, High Street1612
HARWICH, Bus Station1615


Concession passes valid all day on this service.

Essex County Council School Term and Holiday Dates